Can You Defeat Our Fiendishly Hard Universal Monster Movie Quiz?


Monsters are everywhere! Godzilla and Kong are going at it once again (this time as a double act) and now Abigail has hit screens, a movie about a heist gone wrong where the loot is an adorable 12-year-old ballerina. Starring Dan Stevens, Melissa Barrera and Kathryn Newton and directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett aka Radio Silence, who made the raucous Ready Or Not (as well as the most recent Scream movies), it’s a gore-soaked genre love letter that at one point had ties to the Universal Monsters canon.

Without Abigail spoilers, that’s not entirely evident in the finished product, which is nonetheless an absolute blast but it feels like a good time to celebrate the rich history of these creature features. After all, they aren’t going away anytime soon. From Leigh Whannell’s excellent take on The Invisible Man in 2020 to Zelda Williams and Diablo Cody’s Liza Frankenstein, to the upcoming Wolf Man (also Leigh Whannell) Universal Monsters live on.

But how well do you know your Dracula from your Frankenstein? How would you fare in a Black Lagoon? What even is a Lagoon? Stop saying Lagoon, it’s now become meaningless…

Take our fiendish Universal Monsters quiz to find out.

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