The Fantastic Four Movie Must Feature the Most Tragic Galactus Moment Ever


It’s official. Galactus is coming to the MCU. After months of speculation, Marvel officially announced that they’ve found their Galactus. Ralph Ineson, a Game of Thrones veteran known for standout supporting roles in The Witch and The Green Knight, will portray the Devourer of Worlds. Ineson’s casting comes on the heels of other compelling announcements […]

Fantastic Four: Julia Garner Silver Surfer Casting Reinforces a Dark Plot Theory


“Somewhere, deep within the deep vastness of outer space, an incredible figure hurtles thru the cosmos, a being whom we shall call the Silver Surfer, for want of a better name!” That typically verbose bit of narration by Stan Lee comes from Fantastic Four #48, in which it accompanied the powerful imagery of Jack Kirby […]

No, Zack Snyder, Batman Doesn’t Need to Kill


Superstitious and cowardly, a criminal just watch Batman take down two of her armed and powerful comrades. Desperation drives her to take the one option left to her, the sole chance she has to escape the Batman’s wrath. Pointing a gun at the 10-month-old baby she and her colleagues kidnapped, the criminal shouts, “Back off, […]

In a New Aliens Comic, Paul Reiser Insists Burke Isn’t the Villain You Think He Is


“Don’t presume you know everything.” For decades, that was actor Paul Reiser’s response whenever people would ask him about playing Burke, the Weyland-Yutani middle-manager who tried to kill the heroes of Aliens to please his bosses. Since the release of the James Cameron classic in 1986, viewers have taken Ripley’s summation of the situation to […]

Deadpool 3 Theory Suggests Doctor Doom Is Hiding in Plain Sight


The MCU has a villain problem. People said same thing the first few years of the franchise’s existence, but those complaints fell away as Loki, Killmonger, and especially Thanos entered the fray. Now that Jonathan Majors’s off-screen problems have presumably brought an end to Kang the Conquerer in the MCU, the question has come up […]

10 Great Batman Christmas Stories That Are Surprisingly Full of Holiday Cheer


Quick, name a superhero with a more cynical perspective than Batman. Okay, sure there’s Spawn, but I meant in mainstream comics. Yeah, Punisher, but how about in DC Comics? Sure, there’s John Constantine. But I mean a character less suitable for Christmas stories. What’s that you say? Constantine once crushed the bones of St. Nicolas […]

Kang the Conqueror Deserves Better Than the Marvel Mess With Jonathan Majors


This article contains light spoilers for Loki Season 2. In the 31st century, the scientist known as Nathaniel Richards surveys the landscape around him and feels nothing but disgust. The son of the 20th century time traveler Nathaniel Richards and half-brother to Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, Richards the younger knows that he’s bound […]

Blue Beetle Nails a Vital Part of DC Comics That Other Movies Didn’t


This Blue Beetle article contains spoilers. At the start of Blue Beetle’s second act, protagonist Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) asks an important question: “Who the hell was Blue Beetle?”  A lot of viewers wondered the same thing when the Warner Bros. movie came to theaters earlier this year and they’ll likely be asking it again […]