Why It’s Impossible to Do a Beatles Biopic in a Single Movie


As a musical unit, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr enjoyed the most unique experience in popular entertainment. While Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra similarly spent the most exciting periods of their careers circumnavigating hordes of rabid fans, persistent, compulsory photo-ops, and suitcases of ticket sales cash, they still broke through as […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Hayao Miyazaki


Studio Ghibli, a scrappy Japanese animation studio that was founded in the ‘80s, would go on to become an industry powerhouse that surpasses Disney’s sense of fantasy, Pixar’s emotional catharsis, and the unabashed against-the-grain individualism of DreamWorks Animation. Hayao Miyazaki’s name is often synonymous with Studio Ghibli, the animation studio that he founded with fellow […]

Pop Culture Needs to Ditch ’80s Nostalgia


“It’s the ’80s, do a lot of coke and vote for Ronald Regan!” That song may be an all-time classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 riff from the Gremlins rip-off Hobgoblins, but one might find themselves also singing that ditty more and more often when watching TV and movies.  Stranger Things, Totally Killer, IT, and even […]

Priscilla: The True Story of Elvis’ Hangups About Sex and Virginity


Sofia Coppola’s atypical biopic Priscilla centers Elvis Presley’s iconic wife in a way no portrayal of the one-time King of Rock n’ Roll has even considered. Adapted from Priscilla Presley’s bestselling autobiography Elvis and Me, the tumultuous, troubling relationship between a shy schoolgirl and the most famous singer on the planet raises more questions than […]

The Forgotten Connection Between Little Women and The Mummy Movies


For more than a hundred years, the face of the ancient Egyptian mummy has been synonymous with horror, dread, and the ever reliable go-to Halloween costume. (Seriously, all you need is some toilet paper and tape, and you’re done!) This can probably be traced to almost exactly a century ago when Howard Carter, Lord Carnarvon, […]

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie Just Did What Barbie and Oppenheimer Could Never


Ooh, look what you made her do! After months of justifiable frustration over the scarcity of affordable tickets to Taylor Swift’s now iconic Eras concert tour, the arguably reigning queen of pop is bringing her show to multiplexes around North America… and it’s still proving impossible to get tickets. In what amounted to a starting […]

The Return of The Who’s Great Unfinished Rock Opera May Spark a New Sci-fi Classic


Nothing looms larger in The Who’s artistic mythology than Pete Townshend’s unfinished “Lifehouse” project, a science fiction rock opera motion picture guaranteed to rock the world. Granted, we wouldn’t have Who’s Next (1971) if he completed it, but we can only imagine what the final product might have been on the big screen. Fortunately, there […]

Christopher Nolan: We Are Living in an ‘Oppenheimer Moment’ Thanks to AI Development


Writer, director, and filmmaker Christopher Nolan has been reassured by researchers working in the development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) that they recognize parallels between their work and when J. Robert Oppenheimer “fathered” the atomic bomb in Los Alamos, New Mexico in 1945. The filmmaker takes this modicum of self-awareness as a hopeful sign, but it […]

Legendary Pink Floyd Mythology Finally Confirmed in New Documentary


Pink Floyd is best known as the band whose Dark Side of the Moon broke all records as the longest charting album in rock music history. Dozens of their songs are classic rock staples, the feature length film of their rock opera The Wall is a cult classic, and their sound is as instantly recognizable […]