Why Dracula Adaptations Always Get Renfield Wrong


It sucks to be a stooge, so says Nicholas Hoult’s Renfield, the long-suffering servant of Count Dracula in the new Chris McKay comedy of the same name. Hoult plays Renfield as a lackey who has spent centuries having to deal with the whims and murderous demands of the boss from hell, played by Nicolas Cage […]

The Lego Movie Director Finally Reveals Sequel Plot


While the eye-rolling cheese of Batman & Robin certainly has its defenders, movie adaptations of the Caped Crusader have largely adhered to one rule: be serious. Since that 1997 movie ended the four-movie run that began with the relatively dark and gritty Batman from 1989, every subsequent big-screen take on the Dark Knight has been […]

How Suzume Was Inspired by RPG Boss Battles


Makoto Shinkai is a revered name in animation who’s emerged as someone who expertly combines melodramatic love stories with fantastical explorations of nature and what it means to be human. Garden of Words, Your Name, and Weathering With You are some of Shinkai’s most celebrated feature films that helped establish the writer/director as a force […]

The Best Super Mario Bros. Movie Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed


This Super Mario Bros. Movie article contains spoilers. Surprise! The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which celebrates the long history of the most popular Nintendo character to ever appear on consoles, is jam-packed with tons of easter eggs, callbacks, and references to Mario’s gaming legacy. But it’s not just the video games themselves the movie turns […]

The Original Super Mario Bros. Movie Understood a Universal Truth: Luigi Is Cooler


Luigi is the man. The green-capped, younger brother of Mario—as well as the one with the far more luxuriant mustache—jumps higher, runs faster, and looks plain cooler while doing it. This is a truth that’s universally acknowledged by gamers of a certain age. For if you were a younger sibling growing up sometime in the […]

Mark Jenkin on Enys Men’s Unsettling Use of Time


In director Mark Jenkin’s new Cornish folk horror film Enys Men, pronounced “Ennis Mane,” routine is unsettling. Set in 1973 on the uninhabited, eponymous “Stone Island” — as translated from Cornish — each day a nameless Volunteer (played by Mary Woodvine) starts up a generator, makes tea, checks wildflowers, measures soil temperature, and drops a […]

Hail The Last Temptation of Christ! The Movie That Made Jesus a Scorsese Antihero


When Martin Scorsese was just 11 years old, he storyboarded a cinematic epic named “The Eternal City,” which he described as “a fictitious story of Royalty in Ancient Rome.” It was envisioned to film in 75mm CinemaScope and star Marlon Brando, Richard Burton, Virginia Mayo, and Alec Guinness. This remains a fascinating, ambitious artifact that’s […]

Charles Martinet Deserves Better Than His Super Mario Bros. Movie Cameo


This Super Mario Bros. Movie article contains spoilers. When the cast for Illumination and Universal Pictures’ The Super Mario Bros. Movie was first announced in 2021, there was only one thing anyone could talk about: actor Chris Pratt replacing beloved veteran Charles Martinet as the voice of the Italian plumber. Martinet, a voice acting legend […]

Why Lumalee’s Super Mario Bros. Movie Role Is Surprising Fans


This Super Mario Bros. Movie article contains spoilers. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is filled with easter eggs and references. For that matter, the entire movie is basically one big reference, which is part of its appeal and charm. However, the role of a Super Mario Bros. Movie character named Lumalee has already stolen the […]

The Bourne Legacy Revealed the Secret World Behind the Original Matt Damon Trilogy


The scene where 2012’s The Bourne Legacy first comes truly alive features neither parkour or car chases; it also lacks fisticuffs or a single gunshot; heck, it doesn’t even have Matt Damon. To be sure, the fourth (and generally ignored) film in the Jason Bourne franchise has its fair share of death-defying stunts and white-knuckle […]