QUIZ: Guess the 1984 Movie from the Quote


How is it forty years since 1984?? Well, that’s just how time works, my friends. It was a time before mobile phones. Before the internet. Before we got worried about and then forgot about Y2K. It was the year in which George Orwell envisioned a world of doublethink, room 101 and Big Brother. And it was several years before Room 101 and Big Brother would come to mean TV shows and not dystopian ideals. But we digress…

Fortunately, the very nature of films is that the passing of time does not erode the quality of a classic movie, and even more fortunately, 1984 was absolutely packed with them.

We have rounded up some of the best loved films across multiple genres from action, horror and comedy to family films and epics. All you have to do is identify the film from the quote.

So if you are old enjoy to remember this awesome year in the movies then you might just ace our quiz. And even if you are not, try your hand at spotting these corkers from decades of yore. They don’t make ’em like they used to…

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