Are You Stephen King’s Number One Fan? Try Our Quiz


You thought you were okay sitting on the toilet until you read Dreamcatcher. You’d happily walk past a storm drain until you read It. You’d go into a creepy boutique shop before checking Needful Things out of the library. You didn’t even mind checking into Room 217 at a hotel until you read The Shining. […]

Star Wars Just Delivered a Perfect Dune Easter Egg on Disney+


This Star Wars: The Bad Batch article contains spoilers. The squad’s back together in the latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, suitably titled “The Return.” Well, most of Clone Force 99 is back. While Echo is back with the Batch, and Hunter is begrudgingly letting Crosshair back into the fold, they’ve still lost […]

Dune 3: What Happens Next in Frank Herbert’s Dune Messiah


This Dune article contains big spoilers. Does Paul Atreides seem okay to you? He’s the unequivocal winner of Dune: Part Two. He gets revenge on the Harkonnens for killing his father, he takes over as Emperor, he marries Princess Irulan, and even gets cool superpowers from drinking the Water of Life. So why is Paul […]

Can a Neuromancer TV Series Still Work After The Matrix?


After weeks of moving through scuzzy bars with off-beat cybernetic accouterment, toiling under a static-grey sky to gain control of cyberspace, our heroes have made it to Zion. The Rastafarians who greet these travelers from a ship named for an important historical figure pay little mind to our male protagonist. However, they cannot believe their […]

Hallmark Brings the Black Diaspora Into Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility


Hallmark Channel is capping off a month of original films themed around Jane Austen’s works with the premiere of a new feature-length adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. The classic story about whether young women should choose husbands based on romantic notions of love or practicality has been adapted for both television and film several times […]

Which Agatha Christie Poirot Book Should Kenneth Branagh Film Next?


Anybody who looked carefully at the Christmas presents unwrapped by the family in Kenneth Branagh’s autobiographically inspired 1969-set film Belfast will have spotted a copy of Agatha Christie’s The Hallowe’en Party. It was an Easter egg for the eagle-eyed, teasing which Hercule Poirot story the actor-director and screenwriter Michael Green were planning to tackle next […]

Kenneth Branagh’s Next Poirot Movie Should Skip His Favourite Agatha Christie Book


In 2017, on the press circuit for his first Hercule Poirot film Murder on the Orient Express, Kenneth Branagh was asked by French newspaper Le Figaro to name his three favourite Agatha Christie Novels. The actor-director picked Orient Express, of course, and two others: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, published in 1926, and, published a […]

Dune 2 Will Change This One Thing About the Paul Atreides From the Book


Young Paul Atreides strides across the sands of Arrakis, the planet that will become the setting of his ascension. Although he has never before left his watery home planet of Caladan, the Fremen of Arakis seem to know him. “Lisan al-Gaib,” they shout at the sight of him, calling him a messiah. Although the Mentat […]

The Stephen King Movies That Aren’t Trying to Scare You


Stephen King is inarguably one of the most adapted authors in the world (we didn’t nail down the exact count, but he’s up there with Shakespeare, Dickens, Poe, and others). The reigning overlord of the horror genre has seen his work translated to film and TV (miniseries, limited series, TV movies, etc.) almost continually since […]