The Batman Part 2 Release Date Update Is Bad News for DC Fans


The highly-anticipated sequel to Matt Reeves’ The Batman has been pushed back from its original Oct. 3, 2025 release date on the Warner Bros. slate. The movie will now release Oct. 2, 2026. That means there will now be an over four-year gap between the first film, which saw Robert Pattinson don the cape and cowl, and Part II.

This will of course come as disappointing news for DC fans who have been awaiting the second installment in what’s meant to be a whole trilogy of Batman movies from Reeves and Pattinson. But it isn’t all bad news for Batfans, especially if (weirdly) you also happen to be a fan of The Dark Knight. Taking over the Oct. 3, 2025 spot on the slate is another WB production, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s The Bride!, which is a reimagining of the Bride of Frankenstein, starring Bale, Jessie Buckley, Peter Sarsgaard, Annette Bening, and Penelope Cruz. Gyllenhaal wrote and will direct the film.

Of course, The Batman fans won’t be completely without Reeves’ Gotham City until 2026. Heading to Max is The Penguin, a limited series that sees Colin Farrell reprising his role as Oswald Cobblepot, as he looks to solidify his place in the Gotham City underworld after the death of his boss Carmine Falcone (John Turturro). Cristin Milioti will also star as Carmine’s daughter Sofia, a ruthless gangster in her own right. Also, vying for power is Salvatore Maroni (Clancy Brown). And is it possible Pattinson could pop in to say hello in a brief cameo on the series? No confirmation there, but it would certainly be an interesting way to bridge the gap between the movies. The show is currently scheduled to release in late 2024.

There have long been rumors of other The Batman spinoffs centering some of the Dark Knight’s more grotesque rogues, such as Professor Pyg and Clayface. A series based on the GCPD was also at one point in the works at WB, back when their streaming service was still called HBO Max. But there’s no doubt plans have changed, especially as new DC Studios shepherd James Gunn prepares for a complete overhaul of the superhero universe on the big and small screens.

Not only is there a new Superman movie currently in production but he also has plans for a new Batman, one completely detached from the world Reeves has imagined. The Brave and the Bold, as the next iteration of Batman is to be called, will star a new actor as the Caped Crusader and will also feature Robin. But don’t expect The Brave and the Bold to clash with one of The Batman movies on the release calendar. Gunn wants to keep things a bit more tidy than the DCEU did.

“Of course, everything’s gonna be balanced. The Brave and the Bold is not going to be coming out in the same six month period as The Batman 2,” Gunn said during a press conference attended by Den of Geek in 2023.

As for what fans should expect from The Batman Part II, we know nothing about Reeves’ script, which he’s co-writing once again with Mattson Tomlin. But when we asked Pattinson which villains he’d like to go up against in a sequel, he gave us a few interesting picks…

“I’d love to do something like Court of Owls,” said Pattinson, referring to the 2011 DC Comics horror story about a hidden society that’s secretly ruled Gotham from an underground lair for centuries.” His other pick? Calendar Man!

Either way, we’re counting down the days until we get to return to this version of Gotham sometime soon.

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