The Last Kingdom Film Cast: Meet the New Seven Kings Must Die Characters


Seven Kings Must Die concludes the story of Uhtred Ragnarsson, a decades-long frenemy of the English crown since the days of King Alfred the Great. It’s largely adapted from Bernard Cornwell’s final instalment in his Saxon Stories books, War Lord, along with elements of the two previous novels, and tracks the contested succession to the royal throne following the death of King Edward.

A significant time jump has taken place since the final moments of The Last Kingdom season five, during which Aelswith, Hild and Eadith (the characters played by regular cast members Eliza Butterworth, Eva Birthistle and Stefanie Martini) have all passed or moved away. A core of male characters remains though, including Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, Father Pyrlig and Aldhelm. They’re joined by brand new characters, as below.

Laurie Davidson as Ingilmundr

The biggest addition to The Last Kingdom’s regular cast is Aethelstan’s new trusted advisor, Ingilmundr, a Danish-born Christian who shows a powerful influence over King Edward’s successor. He’s played by 31-year-old actor, Laurie Davison, who played the lead role of William Shakespeare in TNT’s short-lived series Will about the younger years of the playwright’s life. Another major role came in Tom Hooper’s 2019 musical film version of Cats, in which Davidson – also a singer – played (magical) Mr Mistoffelees, but you’d barely recognise him under all that make-up and fur. Davidson also played victim Mark Brewer in the memorable Diner episode of Netflix’s The Sandman, and on stage, the title character in The National Theatre’s Jack Absolute Flies Again, as well as sharing the screen with Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen in 2019 feature film The Good Liar.

He’ll soon to be seen starring alongside Elvis’ Austin Butler and The Banshees of Inishirin’s Barry Keoghan in US WWII air force drama Masters of the Air, which is coming soon to Apple TV+.

Elaine Cassidy as Queen Eadgifu

43-year-old Irish actor Elaine Cassidy takes over the role of King Edward’s third wife Eadgifu from Sonya Cassidy who played her in The Last Kingdom Season 5. Eadgifu is the mother of Edward’s sons Edmund and Eadred, whom she seeks to protect from their half-brother Aethelstan in Seven Kings Must Die. Cassidy has a rich back catalogue of roles, from starring opposite Cillian Murphy in 2001 film Disco Pigs, adapted from Enda Walsh’s celebrated play. She played protagonist Maud Lilly in Sarah Walters BBC adaptation Fingersmith, starred in atmospheric horror film The Others and has been in a host of period dramas on screen and stage including The National Theatre’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses. More recently, Cassidy played DS Dinah Kowalska in Channel 4’s No Offence, Matthew de Clermont’s villainous sister Louisa in A Discovery of Witches, and starred opposite Florence Pugh as the mother of a young girl thought subject to a miracle in feature film The Wonder.

Pekka Strang as Anlaf

Finnish-Swedish actor Strang plays Anlaf (inspired by real-life figure Olaf Guthrithson), a Danish warrior who invaded Northumbria from Ireland and conspires to defeat the Saxon armies with a dangerous alliance. 45-year-old Strang is a familiar face on Finnish television, with a current regular role on Scandinavian detective series Bäckström (which was remade for US television), Mies Joka Kuoli, Transport, Kultakala and many more roles stretching all the way back to the early 2000s.

Agnes Born as Astrid

Anlaf’s daughter Astrid, who hides her Danish heritage to spy for her father in Saxon camps is played by Agnes Born, who played Jani van Gebert, a deaf character with mutism in 2017 Norwegian crime series Monster about the disappearance of a young girl (made available to watch in the UK on All4 via Walter Presents.) Born could also be seen playing Vereena in a 2021 episode of Netflix video game adaptation The Witcher.

Jacob Dudman as Osbert

Uhtred’s youngest son (raised by Abbess Hild on the holy island of Lindisfarne) has spent the years since season five living at Bebbanburg and training with his father. He was played in season five by Olly Rhodes but in the film has been aged up and played by twenty-five-year-old actor-director Jacob Dudman, who has a healthy career creating and starring in comedy videos on YouTube (here’s his channel), as well as voicing major roles in Doctor Who audio dramas and narrating Doctor Who content, as well as appearing as Sam in Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga and Thomas in Harlan Coben thriller The Stranger.

Zak Sutcliffe as Edmund

Edmund, the son of King Edward and his third wife Queen Eadgifu, who strives to protect him from his half-brother Aethelstan’s ruthless pursuit of his birthright, is played by Zak Sutcliffe. The young actor already has a number of screen credits under his belt including the role of Rob in feature film Ali & Ava as well as episodes of Channel 5 police comedy-drama No Offence, plus Hollyoaks, Doctors and Casualty.

Tom Christian as Dunstan

He played dodgy bookie in series one of Bridgerton, who took a bet from Lord Featherington. A couple of recent Silent Witness eps. He played Ash in The Walk-In, co-starring Stephen Graham. He was in crime dramas Grace and Four Lives and played Solomon in three episodes of Gangs of London’s first series, as well as The Murders at White House Farm and Harlots. Various others.


Uhtred’s band of brothers returns, with Mark Rowley’s Finan and Arnas Fedaravicius’ Sihtric joining Alexander Dreymon as their lord and comrade Uhtred Ragnarsson, plus Cavin Clerkin as Father Pyrlig, and James Northcote as Lady Aethelflaed’s former advisor, Mercian Aldhelm.

Also back from Season 5 are Harry Gilby in the role of Aethelstan, the heir to Edward’s throne who was raised by Uhtred from a child and trained by him in warfare. Ewan Horrocks is back playing Aethelstan’s half-brother and competitor for the Saxon throne, Aelfweard, and Ilona Chevakova returns as Finan’s wife Ingrith. In the North, Rod Hallett is also back as Scottish King Constantin, along with his nephew Domnal played by Ross Anderson, and Steffan Rhodri returns to play Hywel, King of Wealas.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die is out now on Netflix.

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